Friday, November 30, 2012

Focus N' Click with 50mm.

Day Two
         Although desperate to click portrait for a long time, I was not sure where and how to begin. We all know the fact that "Photography" is an expensive for an amateur photographer when it is just a hobby. So instead of spending dollars on a costliest equipment, I thought to use what is available to me. For that I have used whatever light and other equipment that I could find at home and model of course my wife (one of the advantages of being married). After working for hours and hours I finally finished my day two of "Focus N' Click with 50mm" project.
Now it was time to analyze the result which was of course not very pleasing. But I must say that few of the photographs able to impressed me. Finally morale of the day is "More you play more you perfect".
Here are some of those photos I have posted in my blog, check out and jot down your comments and thoughts. Thank you in advance for your time for going through my blog. 



Monday, November 5, 2012

Focus N' Click with 50mm

Day One
This year I began with resolution which I had it at the beginning of the year to start a mini project with prime lens, using only 50mm lens. The theme of the project was to capture all those moments, times, things, portraits, landscapes, HDR, B/W, in-door-out-door any action that can be freezed into a digital image with 50mm. So the project was titled as "Prime Action with 50mm". I used canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, canon EOS 60D, and all the other required gears. Although I bought this lens a year ago, I had not tried it in its fullest advantage. So this project would give me ample of time to spent, explore, and play with it. Well the project was created and gears were decided for entire time of use, but still with a question "where, how and what I shall begin from".
However after a long gap I finally began my project. The first day I spent my evening taking pictures in James River Bridge and the surrounding areas in Newport News, Virginia.

 James River Bridge was built in 1928 which is 4.5 miles long. It was the longest bridge in the world by then. It connects Newport News to Isle of Wight County in Hampton Road.